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Hospital Scams - Philippines - TITLE PAGE


@ www.timcumper.com - domain name registered by NOEMI DADO - my site being cloned by JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO aka JEPOYENG aka JEPOY of "GAME OPS" - QUEZON CITY - PHILIPPINES. In their distorted view - retaliation to an act of BULLYING is known as STALKING or HARASSMENT. They are busy POISONING THE INTERNET with defamation sites, in an effort to further disguise the truth. BE WARNED - BLOGROACHES ABOUT.


Welcome to Hospital Scams - Philippines.

In order to find your way around here - understanding the Tierra Maria Estates Scam - I have assembled this title page for your navigation.

Just click on the red cross . . .

. . . to return to this page.

STOP PRESS! - Two years from the phone call from "the hospital" - conclusive proof finally arrives
& the video & still frames that proves it.

For the Hospital

For The Sales Office


Hospital Scams - Philippines - the journey itself.

Flag Day - all the causes for suspicion.

The Bloggers - an introduction to some of the characters, energetically denying this as a hoax.

Cyber - Bullies - the reaction from the Philippines.

You Are all Victims - makes you think.

The Final Nail - final & conclusive video evidence.

A Behavioural Analysis - a summing up in psychological terms.

Psychology of a Scam - mind bending methods.

Cover - Up - of one deception, with an even bigger one.

Save Our Skin - my reply to Noemi Dado & Jepoy Bengero's video.

Blood is Thicker - keep it in the family.

Horse Heads & Red Flags - on organised crime.

Is Hospitality a Myth? - fun at Filipina Images.

Comments - from some Filipino readers.

Settling Dust - the calm after the storm.

Filipina Image I Nation - join the group for responsible blogging.

Why All the Publicity - business as usual?


(See INDEX OF CHAPTERS - below - for navigation in this site - Hospital Scams - Philippines.)

Tierra Maria Estates Scam - 2

Criticism    - A look at options that were available & reasons.

The first hint of . . . - Don't expect a worm to turn.

A Final offer for peace - A video and final statement.

John Phillips Bengero's emails Where he denies any wrong doing regarding his defamation site.

A True Story  - The short extract from the video of the scar revelation.

A Revelation - A few low quality frames from the video of the "fake scar."

Buzz Without A Sting - A recent (August 2009) outburst - a death spasm from the supporters of the scam.

Behavioural Analysis - A frank analysis of the obvious.

Noemi Dado - Feeling The Pinch  - Discussing Noemi's tactics - the "hospital photographs" displayed on her blog - why is she afraid?

Cyber-Bullies What it says on the tin - exploring the way they have collaborated - a feeding frenzy of hateful propaganda.

Flag Day - All the red flags - warning signs.

Horse Heads & Red Flags Discussing the subject of organised crime.

Settling Dust A brief respite - a pause to collect my thoughts.

Pull The Other One - A detailed analysis of Noemi Dado's contribution and methods.

07/01/09 An update - when the gang linked to a possibly "bent" website - that had been involved very early on.

Grisly McGoo - My pet name for MrkGrismer - star of The World Of Filipinas - his contribution.

Still Hiding The Truth - The outburst at Christmas 2008 - Reyan Elena in disguise & his gang of tame cronies.

Response To Cath Cath - Cathy Black - a detailed response to her involvement.

More Answers To Comments - I was getting mail, comments from all points of the compass - various people who featured in this whole escapade, took it very seriously and personally. A detailed look at their comments and my responses.

Answers, Suggestions - A close look at Southern Don's (Don Pinger) site - FilamForumReport - which had strong ties with The World Of Filipinas.

Let The Light Shine A brief summing up - one year from the start.

Hollow Propaganda - Reyna Elena really went to town with an analysis of my personality, through his dissection of my story.
I went to equal lengths to prove it all hollow.

Understanding - A list of the main protagonists - and some questions for them.

Check List - A simple chronology - without all the "fluff."

Tierra Maria Estates Scam - SOS Save Our Skin - My response to the video interview, conducted by Noemi Dado & hoisted online as part of her wicked campaign.

The Web - A side step into Noemi's daughter's territory - and a look at the complex web of Internet related commodification of the Filipina.

Alert JPB - Our dear freind - John Phillips Bengero - Jepoy - responses to his contribution and strenuous efforts.

The Cowardly Queen - A response to the nepotistic Don Pinger.

The Players - All the names of those involved or linked (by name) to the original scam attempt.

Tierra Maria UK

Some souvenirs - memories - proofs that it really happened.

A True Story
A short extract from the video of the scar revelation.

Denial, Denial, Denial
They can't stop making excuses.

Proof Conclusive - At Last
The final nail in the box - for all those insisting that I am a hoaxer - & illuminating the corruption and deviousness of all those who put serious efforts and energy into attempting to rub out my story.

Under The Microscope
Examination of why I went to such great lengths.

Blood Is thicker
Of course, Noemi Dado involved all her friends - & most of her family in her unethical, unsubstantiated SEO campaign.
Her husband hastily removed any comments that I left on his website.

You Are All Victims
A look at the emotive power of words - and how words have evoked pictures in all of our minds.

A selection of comments received - from people who actually could understand that what was going on was highly probable.

Some Questions
Again - a list of all those who jumped on the band-wagon of contempt - and some questions for them.

Cover -Up
A bandage is a cover-up - for a wound (or supposed to be) - but all sorts of covering up was going on.
Faked photographs, a letter from a "lawyer," a falsified "bill" made up by the hospital . . .

The Psychology Of Extortion
Particularly using emotional manipulation - as was the case here. An exposition.

The Latest From Conned By A Filipina
The title that Noemi Dado gave the piece that I posted on Filipina Images - & all the mysterious goings on there.

Barrio Fiesta UK

Licence Conditions
A look at how JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO has revealed, yet again, that he has not any sense of decency - by his not abiding to anything required by the CC licence agreement - for copying material online.

Long Term
Watching the opposition self-destruct with every word they write.

Game Boy
A little light, melodramatic relief from Gay-Mops - sorry, force of habit - GameOPS.

A True Story
A short extract from the video of the scar revelation.

A group set up (twice) on FaceBook to hound me with defamation.

Filipina Image I Nation
A group against irresponsible blogging - Noemi Dado's activities in a nutshell.

Open Letter To Filipinos - Worldwide
Linked to the annual Barrio Fiesta in the UK (where I met Sir Francis while helping him - he invited me to set up a website in the UK for his business - which I did - briefly.)

Thank you - please leave your preconceptions outside.

A PAIR OF WEBSITES - ABOUT THE ACTIVITY of - JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO & NOEMI DADO tim cumper jepoy blog icon tim cumper barrio blog icon

Information and comments regarding this blog can be sent to:
Armand Illigan tierramariauk@yahoo.co.uk
Or by using the link below.


Click the red flags to read about all the alarm bells.redcrossend2

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