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0 - Introduction

ear reader - welcome.

You have probably arrived here from one of a number of posts and blogs scattered about the Internet - some which belong to me - under the names Ellumbra, Philcorrupt, Nemesis, Capuccini.
Others - various Blogs, Forums and Bulletin Boards, copious amounts of ill-informed or biased comments - denouncing this story as a hoax, have been posted by a group of people - mainly from or still in the Philippines.
At first sight, these writings would appear to be random and unsolicited. But dig beneath the surface, quite easy to do by exploring social networking - and you will discover that this is not the case. Most of this counter material has been orchestrated and is written by groups and people who are known to each other, quite often being real-life friends or associates - trying to conceal their duplicity behind the anonymity afforded by the Internet.

It is patently apparent that this group of people have been mobilised - specifically instructed to distort & distill, denounce & disrupt my writings - in an effort to sweep my presence from the pages of the search engines - and generally to cast doubt over the sincerity of my words by the sheer volume of their retaliation.
All of this, to try and clear the name of the real estate company at the heart of the story.

(For a brief outline of the initial events - see here.)

Some of them - photographed on holiday together.
These people all emerged simultaneously - and started their hostile, bigoted and devious psychological attack around February 2008, as soon as it became clear that the influence of the girl, alone, was no longer having any effect - as I had finally cut all means of communication with her - leaving activity on the open seas of the Internet as their sole means of contact with me.
Their recent SEO campaign is having the desired effect - I am gradually being pushed from page one of google.

However, it would appear that they are possibly not the only people with a vested interest in how the Philippines is portrayed on the Internet.
The sex tourism industry - which has a variety of presences online - dating sites, pornography sites, "sex tours" to the Philippines, prostitution itself, massage parlours, club and bar owners - all have a share of interest - the largest slice of the pie doubtless being controlled by organised crime. The telephone & Internet companies will also be interested in the increased profits that this activity creates - and at the end of the line, any form of commerce that depends on western money being attracted to their shores.

A typical first response by the many Filipinos who will read this story is to dismiss it as racism.
Please think again.
Challenge yourself seriously on that point.
I harbour no hatred whatsoever - I detest only the actions and events that took place - not the people.
It is publicised here as a warning and as a challenge.
The story is a report of events between April 2007 and the present, which occurred in the Philippines.
It could have happened anywhere in the world - but this specific incident happened in the Philippines - which is the only reason for that country being mentioned.
The majority of people involved in the story are Filipinos.
That is the only reason for their frequent mention.
Neither of those aspects can turn this into an act of racism.
It is a true report, that is all.
The challenges it raises must be addressed by the vast majority of good citizens in and from that country - and those challenges are many and varied.
The report exposes behaviour which is to the detrement of that country's perception.
Namely the original deceitful events and the subsequent spread of propaganda in false denial - both of which can only flourish in an environment of inaction and apathy.
I urge all good citizens of that country to speak out openly in condemnation.
I have a deep love still for the country and the people, whereas this behaviour only reflects a sordid, short term, corrupt self-interest - with no genuine concern for establishing a meaningful and lasting reputation for their country.

It is superficial - purely a deceptive mask - it is ultimately insincere and will achieve more harm than good.

I have discovered that impartiality is rare. It is so easy to arrive with pre-formed or semi-formed opinions - most people reading this story will quite probably default to agreeing or disagreeing with my conclusions - without sparing the time to explore thoroughly all the intricacies and subtleties involved.
Conversely, I have been enveloped by these events every step of the way ever since April 2007. What appears in my journal as simply another date, is actually 24 long hours to sit through, urgently waiting for an appropriate response - the same long 24 hours that was available in the Philippines to make that response. That is why when nothing is done - in the urgency of the situation - it causes the alarm bells to start ringing.

Click the flags to read about all those alarm bells.

I have had to evaluate this seriously, from both sides - being torn between honouring my original intentions for the relationship and yet needing to know conclusively where my trust should be placed.

It is my sincere hope that you, as a reader, will respect the absent rights of all the people involved by resisting partiality and premature conclusions until you have a really clear picture of all the events surrounding this story.
For example - the counter material online includes a video interview with the girl here - Mayen's Story.
Please be sure to read my response to this video here - response to Love, Lies & Videotape.
In order to understand the duplicitous nature of the attempts to manipulate my attitude, please make sure you read Cover-up and also Psychology of a Scam.

The reason I have had to resort to this means at all, is because of the apathy and total silence from the real estate company.
Many times I have written to them asking for a civilized settlement - a resolution - with truth and honesty.
They have refused to answer - tacitly implying, perhaps, that they have done enough, or retreating into the vacuum of silence - resolutely evading any further involvement.
As a last resort, already having the threat of this action looming - I released my writings to the public, because my search for the truth was not over - and I needed some sort of leverage to continue communications - being the only possible way I was going to find anything out.

However, the story was only released after much more had occurred, which all helped to vindicate my suspicions.

The counter-material online will insist on the innocence of all parties in the Philippines, but the truth of the matter is, that the writers profess to not being linked in any way to the real estate company or the girl - and are basing their attack, allegedly, purely on what they have deduced from my story.
How can this be?
How can they be so assured - so energetic in their concerted condemnation of my writings as no more than a hoax?
It would be hard to find my motive, were that true - whereas their motive is a universally recognised one - money.
Have they lost all power of discrimination in favour of a perfunctory national prejudice?
Or is there something more sinister going on?

If you examine their claims - you will find them totally hollow - devoid of facts - and exclusively employing the psychological tactics of confidence tricksters - simply trying to evoke in me guilt, shame & doubt.
Recently I have been responding, quite harshly - now it has deteriorated into posting ridiculous photographs - all in the hope that I will give up and disappear. But I stand firm in my resolve and my conclusions.
They are attempting to cover up one deception with an even greater one.

I can think of possible reasons for their total ignorance of justice, their complete blindness to the obvious and their unanimous disloyalty to any sense of truth and honesty.

1) They are connected to the organised crime network which depends on the Philippines having a good reputation online - to lure and attract western money.
2) Their natural tendency towards kinship, bayanihan spirit, looking after their own (noble traits in themselves - but it can produce a very biased and bigoted group to come up against.)
3) Some of them might be jumping on the bandwagon out of fear - fear of opposing the consensus of opinion - fear of the network of organised crime - remember some of these people live in the country - and don't want to cause trouble for themselves.
4) It coincides with the needs of a professional blogger - to pull traffic to their sites - a bit of controversy might increase their ratings - their revenue.
5) A strong sense of contempt for the west (fat white monkeys - I have heard us described.) They are doing it purely for entertainment value.
6) "Hiya" - their strong sense and loathing of shame - loss of face. Hiya means that the shame of being exposed is far greater than the shame of the actual crime itself - leading to constant denial - even in the face of really strong evidence, rather than facing the shame that this activity brings to their country and making a stand against it.

From foreign lands - what can they possibly know?

How can anyone in Philadelphia USA, for instance, know what did or did not happen in Paranaque during August 2007? Let alone people in Dubai, Canada, Germany, Australia or Norwich (UK.)

Yes - a certain female Doctor (gaining fame rapidly from various TV & radio coverage of her own story) was one of the first to put up a website (a dedicated posting on A Pinay In England) with the single aim of stirring up a response - with propaganda against myself & my story, only because she had been encouraged to do this - I very much doubt if it was her own idea.
Here's a screengrab of a comment very kindly left by one of the supporters of the scam, which will endorse the validity of this claim.

How likely can it possibly be that she (Dr. Joy) has the slightest grasp of what happened, living here in the UK?
She is merely annoyed that this portrait of some of her fellow countrymen and women is getting exposure.

I have written to her - with the anticipated response - silence.
I have recently left highly civilised comments on some of her numerous websites - of course they are deleted.
Highly selective censorship - which indicates a fear of the painful truth.

Every Saturday afternoon she broadcasts a radio show from Norwich.
The truth is that she is in league with the other blogging celebrities - Noemi Dado, Chuvaness, Reyna Elena. Many of them even guesting on her show - here's a post from Reyna Elena about being a guest on the Doctor's radio show, shortly after the time that the Doctor had decided it best to remove the offending web pages.

from reynaelena.com - articles about Chuvaness (real name Malen Ada) & Reyna on the Dr. Joy's programme.

Even the Philippine Ambassador in London was a guest on her show at about this time. Coincidentally - I had written to this gentleman about my concerns asking if they could be of assistance.
I doubt very much if this subject was discussed between them - who knows.
The truth is, even living in Norwich, she cannot conceal her contempt, her partiality - or decide that searching for the truth is more important - the typical attitude that I have encountered almost everywhere - because, without appearing bigotted, the facts are that the great majority of reaction has been exclusively from Filipinos - not really helping their own cause.
The knee-jerk reaction is one of defensiveness - caused when anyone touches the open wound in that nation's psyche - an unfortunate legacy of its history. Lack of self-esteem. A complex of inferiority. To be defended at all costs.
It is not at all about a concern for the truth.
The whitewash is painted on - but the brushstrokes are too broad - and mostly irrelevant when dealing with this specific event.

They will also insist, of course, that I have "no evidence" to prove my story - but it goes without saying that this scattered group have absolutely zero in the way of material evidence to support their own version of events - it is pure venom.

It is crucial to remember that in events like this - evidence of a scam does not appear in the shape of a footprint - or a fingerprint - the scammers are very careful not to give the game away - although they will only put the minimum amount of effort into creating their manufactured reality.
Why so little effort? Because any form of faked proof of their innocence carries a risk - it can be examined, verification can be sought - names, signatures are incriminating of involvement. Whereas absence creates a vacuum which can only be filled with doubt and uncertainty - distinctly to their advantage.
Conversely - there should be plenty of legitimate documentation about, if as they insist this was all about a genuine event - receipts, invoices etc. - and considering the effort that they have made to try and make this story appear a hoax - they must be incredibly stupid indeed, if innocent as they insist, not to have simply revealed this evidence to me at the earliest possible opportunity.
You see, it just does not add up at all.

This is how it has all been steered, by the people in the Philippines - I have been on the receiving end of it all - this is precicely how it has appeared to me.
Nothing was volunteered which in the normal course of events should have been forthcoming, and the emphasis in all communications was exclusively on collecting the money. I had to pointedly insist before anything was produced - doctors details, the email from the embassy, the letter from "the legal counsel," the showing of "the scar" - all occurred only because of my initiative - or as counter measures to my actions.
So, unfortunately, one cannot take these isolated details as any form of proof - it never happens like that - isolated details are cunningly crafted in the hope that they appear legitimate & genuine - just like the fake scar - but all details and eventualities interact with each other - the picture that is created, in its totality, ultimately vindicates my suspicion. How many rolls of the dice, all showing the same numbers - before it all starts to be improbable?

Yes - it is mainly all in hindsight - apart from that instinctive sense that was alerted early on. 

But the voice of instinct is just a whisper - what followed on was an ever increasing crescendo of vindication.
That is why I have continued - to hear that voice loud and clear - only that voice had the power to evaporate my doubts completely - and dispell the guilt that I was being induced into feeling. That inducement was such an easy task for them - for I have never loved anyone as deeply before.
That is the reason why what they are doing is so evil, so ruthless, so deserving of being exposed - for they have mercilessly picked at that wounded heart - in their sadistic hope that it never be allowed to heal.

The game they are playing is a psychological and emotional one.
Therefore the evidence of a scam will usually only appear through an understanding of what should have happened, had the events been true, as they insist - by evaluating behaviour as appropriate or not - and there are plenty of those occasions to choose from. (Although in this case, hard evidence also appeared in the form of the recording of a fake scar.)
Remember that they are playing a game of bluff - trying to deceive - by painting an alternative reality - in the hope that I believe in it - and pay up - or now, capitulate and disappear.

There is plenty of evidence that points at devious goings on, right from the start - inconsistencies - inappropriate responses and timing - procrastination, excuses, proven lies - and finally, of course, the revelation of a fake scar - and later still, faked photographs.

Just consider how easy it is, with blind love working in their favour, to create a reality by telephone, to fake a document or a photograph - that is the sole means by which they hoped to succeed - not at first however, when absolutely nothing beyond their words was produced - only later on, in an effort to defend or pretend their innocence. The Philippines is particularly renowned for all the mimetic skills required - copying, forgery - and people have openly admitted as much in comments I have received.
But the scam merchants themselves are obviously not too aware that the truth can be discerned in many other, non-material ways.

(Please read Behaviour Analysis.)

They have proved, without doubt, that there is an organisation involved, a community, a network - all disguised behind innocuous facades.
But I am also acutely aware that these people only represent a fraction of those that have read the story, a small fraction who have a vested interest in being heard - whatever the motivation might be - a distorted sense of national pride, wishful thinking, defensiveness, contempt - or more sinisterly - a connection in some way to the Big Business interest - wilfully thwarting the course of truth.

I leave it to you, the reader, to come to your own conclusions.
The next chapter will give you a brief run down of events - followed by the chapters thereafter, which are a detailed journal of this adventure - from sweet beginnings - to the bitter end.

But it is a long journey, it is easy to get lost in the details, it is easy to be persuaded by the illusion of reality that is being painted - if one forgets that right from the outset - absolutely nothing was proved with any degree of conclusivity to have actually happened. One must understand that everything else which occurs is either in defence of, or opposition to that single proposition.
The only reason for the high profile is the energy and resources available to the Real Estate Company in conjunction with a whole network of Filipino bloggers and other related Internet businesses - intent on persuading public opinion, not mine. If it were exclusively my opinion that was the target here, then the Real Estate Company would be more concerned in revealing to me alone, the "conclusive evidence" - that they would undoubtedly possess - were their version of events the true one.

Finally - I will insist that you understand that although this story presents a bleak picture - it describes the environment in which this sort of activity can thrive - it is exclusively referring to a minority of people.
It is not racist - it is not generalising.
I am aware that there is fear which prevents innocent, good people from coming forward and protesting - leaving the stage empty for the villains of the piece to appear as if they are the voice of the Philippines.
I know this is not the case.

Please read on . . .

Thank you.

A PAIR OF WEBSITES - ABOUT THE ACTIVITY of - JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO & NOEMI DADO tim cumper jepoy blog icon tim cumper barrio blog icon

Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.

1 - Preface

Welcome to Hospital Scams - Philippines.

Please return to the . . .

Title Page

(For important information & links to damning video evidence)

Thank you - please leave your preconceptions outside . . .

. . . & on with the story . . .

This is not blind revenge - simply an effort to warn others and to make it difficult for this particular group, practicing emotional extortion, to continue their despicable trade.
Presented here, where that trade can propagate like a virus in a culture dish - the Internet.
When there is no fear of the law, or no law to fear - exposure is a solitary and powerful alternative.

We all lie - white lies - we all distort the truth from time to time, however the people incriminated in the following are of a different calibre.

This is professional racketeering by people suffering from the impoverished conditions that unfortunately befall the vast majority living in the Philippines, constantly alert for any way to make more money for themselves.
Morals don't seem to concern them.
Aware of the potential in the raw power of emotions - like an untapped natural resource - they resort to a type of suburban savagery, using modern technology to wreak their havoc - destroying lives in the process - as they consciously manipulate situations to be able to take advantage of people's sincere and deeply felt emotions - yes - people's love - for their own material gain.

I have found that they quite readily employ the concepts we regard as Holy, to try to endorse, add a sense of legitimacy to their evil endeavours - the name of God and His angels - swearing on The Almighty that the words they speak and write are the truth.

Revealing sociopathic behaviour, these pathological liars are utterly ruthless in their pursuit - with not a single care for the resulting devastation to their victims' lives - only the cold, single-minded intent of aquiring money.

Believe me when I tell you that evil is not too strong a word to describe them - masquerading behind the exquisite preciousness, the sacredness of love and the trust it naturally engenders - with their deceit, their cunning and their greed.

It is a lasting shame that the social and political conditions of the country contribute so much to cause this thriving underworld - and make it a breeding ground for racketeering - Tierra Mafia - although behaviour is always a matter of personal choice.

So many people have tried to explain all this away, tried to excuse it, by quoting cultural differences - but deceit, dishonesty, emotional manipulation are never acceptable - anywhere. It is true, the habit of scouring for financial hand-outs is hardwired into the psyche of many of these people. A certain contemptuous attitude (in many cases justified by the activities of "sex-tourism" but born on a tide of generalisation and lack of understanding) is commonly evident. This all contributes to make scamming seem acceptable to some of these people.

All the more reason for it to be eradicated - at its political roots.

Of course, I have a responsibility to bear in all of this - if it were not for people like me, this sort of behaviour, these activities could not possibly exist - my only defense is that I was totally genuine and honest in my pursuit of a loving relationship and marriage.

Love without trust is like a ship without water.
But the trust that developed in this case, as far as the girl was concerned, was for one sole purpose. As in all love affairs, a sense of trust is cultivated - here it was nutured and nourished, groomed by a fantasy lover, changing colour like a chameleon to obtain the maximum depth of feeling - merely so that it could ultimately be abused.

All requests for help from her have had four common denominators:

1) They were situations tailored to maximise the degree of emotionally conditioned response from me.
2) They all contained a large proportion of fiction.
3) They required that I send her some money.
4) The requests were never direct - but a clever (& in retrospect - blatantly obvious) squeezing process.

Here is a shortened version of the events that happened.
The full story, from A - Z with accompanying photographs, is available following on.
But just to ensure that you keep your eye on the ball - and don't lose sight of the wood (the obvious) for all the trees (the details) . . . here is a check list, simplified, uncluttered - and you will see that the profile exactly matches my story.

The year is 2007.

* April 14th. I join the DateInAsia site. Profile just completed, photograph still awaiting approval - "Curly Hair" contacts me. This is the start of the adventure. I discover her name is Mayen - she works for a real estate firm as a Property Consultant. She is very beautiful - and we appear to be hitting it off straight away. We return day after day to keep the flame burning.

* April 21st. Mayen writes ". . . but you know what, i do suggest tim that you will first visit in the phillipines and experience our culture . . . it would be an unforgetable experience you ever have . . . "

* April 27th. We arrange for me to visit in June - there is a Barrio Fiesta in her province and I will be able to meet her family.

This is our home for the first week and on our return from the province.

* June 18th. I fly to the Philippines - we meet - I have a wonderful, but expensive time. Mayen initiates our physical liason - and we live like lovers - continuing our plans for marriage, my emigration. I meet Sir Francis (her boss) - her work colleagues - and eventually, her family.

* June 29th. I fly back to the UK - I have a weeks work in Jersey before I arrive back home.

* July 8th. Chatting to Mayen - she requests I send her some money to help with her internet expenses - but the request transforms into money for a health check - suspected Dengue Fever. My suspicions are aroused - but my love is already too deep.

* July 13th. Mayen informs me that she is showing symptoms of being pregnant. I am scared, but delighted - but wondering if this is true - the situation is starting to show symptoms of being a classic "Honey Pot Trap."

* July 15th. I meet Sir Francis at the Barrio Fiesta in Hounslow UK. I suggest to Mayen that I give him an engagement ring to bring back for her. Mayen agrees, but insists that I do not tell him what the gift is.

* July 25th. Book another flight to the Philippines for 14th - 28th August.

* July 27th. Mayen supposed to return for another health check to confirm pregnancy - but she doesn't bother - she has already told me it was a false alarm.

* August 2nd. Receive another request and send more money - this time for new lodgings.

* August 8th. We have a long chat session - Mayen is visiting her sister in Quezon City.

* August 10th. Early in the morning I send an email to Mayen saying that I noticed her profile at DIA has just been hidden. 6.30 am - I receive a call from Mayen, moments after I log on to the Yahoo Messenger. She is in hospital - The Medical Center Paranaque - it transpires during the morning that she has to have an operation for an Ectopic Pregnancy. Would I send some money? I panic - completely ambivalent now - true or false. This is the perfect ruse for emotional extortion. I call Sir Francis who is there with Mayen - he has paid some deposits towards her hospitalisation. I speak to Mayen on her cellphone after the operation " . . . huhuhuh . . . no more babies . . . timmyboy . . . send the money . . ." I speak to my friend Jim on the phone - we are both convinced it is a scam - but are surprised at how many people are incriminated - it must be an organised crime setup.
I delete all Mayen's emails, block her email address, delete my profile at DIA, remove her from my Yahoo Messenger. The best thing to do is cut off all contact.

* August 11th. No sleep - what if it is true? This is absolute hell, I'm torn completely in half by love and doubt. I hear one word of a voice message on my phone - I can't handle hearing her voice. It's text, IM and email only from now on.

* August 12th. I establish contact again. Marivien, Mayen's work colleague and go between - has a chat session with me. Would I send 50,000 pesos via Western Union? I insist on dealing only directly with the hospital - besides I am due to arrive on the Wednesday (15th) - I need to know urgently what the hospital bill will be to assess if I can still afford the trip. I insist that they pass this on to the hospital.

* August 13th. A critical day - the last chance I have to draw the cash from the bank, get traveller's cheques if I decide to still fly.
Still no word from the hospital - at the last minute, I receive an email from the real estate office containing some figures.
The amount is verified by the hospital accounts dept. on the telephone.
I do decide to fly. Visit the bank, get traveller's cheques, visit the church for a blessing - I am scared stiff. Call in to see my friend Jim. I end up giving him my passport and traveller's cheques so that I cannot go - we both consider that it would be dangerous.

* August 14th. They think I'm somewhere in the air between UK and Manila - so I have a peaceful day.

* August 15th. Bang on the time my flight is landing the SMS and phone calls start. I do not reply. I'll keep them guessing for a while.

So to cut a very long, complicated story short - I decided to stay in the UK and face the virtually impossible task of finding out the truth - in some concrete way.

I tried to enlist help from all sorts of people, websites, government agencies, Embassies - with few exceptions the response was non existent - apart from my staunch friend Jim.
Here is a portion of the detailed email that I distributed - amongst those that didn't fail in delivery (all the government sites failed - they considered it as spam) - were the head of Tierra Maria Estates (highlighted) - but he has never, ever replied - and that stark silence only reinforced the impression that a conspiracy of silence was in place.

Together Jim and I set about forensically examining every little strand of information that we received - building up psychological patterns of the people we were dealing with 6,000 miles away. The burden of proof was theirs. Through their total incompetence - one way or the other - the result appeared an obvious scam - either incompetence in portraying the genuine truth to me - or incompetence in pulling off the scam without raising my suspicions. But still all we had was circumstantial. What we needed was unequivocal evidence.

I wrote a detailed journal of my visit to the Philippines to meet Mayen - it was an unforgetable experience.
What started out as a story of romance and hope takes a twisted turn - I decided to keep a record of everything as it unfolded - please read on if you care to share my feelings - day to day - as the whole episode unravelled - Journey Into My Heart.

I am aware that I am using this story to expose the particular people involved - but all that will eventually dissolve away into the Internet darkness.
However - the implications - for the Philippines, the people there - their relationship with the western world - and the questions raised for people like me - reach way beyond the boundaries of this journey - as recalled by just one person.
The main intention for revealing the intricate detail is to bring it to life - up close - for the reader to be awoken from their convenient slumber when confronted with these issues - and to learn a little of how it feels to be at the receiving end of a scam such as this - the confusion, bewilderment - the awful ambiguity, the torturous plagues of doubt and guilt - the devastation that it can bring - financially (well over £3,600.00 wasted - all under false pretences) physically and emotionally into a life - and to the other lives of those close by.
How disadvantage and stupidity is seized as a vulnerability - how love is used as a crowbar - to prize apart another life - to the advantage of those, seeking to gain - indiscriminately - through deceit and abuse of trust.
To be fair, in my eagerness to find a new beginning, in the blindness of my desire - I caused a great deal of pain myself - through my own deceit and abuse of trust - I am not pretending to be innocent - but simply recalling the events, as they happened.
God bless you all.

Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.


Tim Cumperhttp://www.bebo.com/Ellumbra

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