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1 - Preface

Welcome to Hospital Scams - Philippines.

Please return to the . . .

Title Page

(For important information & links to damning video evidence)

Thank you - please leave your preconceptions outside . . .

. . . & on with the story . . .

This is not blind revenge - simply an effort to warn others and to make it difficult for this particular group, practicing emotional extortion, to continue their despicable trade.
Presented here, where that trade can propagate like a virus in a culture dish - the Internet.
When there is no fear of the law, or no law to fear - exposure is a solitary and powerful alternative.

We all lie - white lies - we all distort the truth from time to time, however the people incriminated in the following are of a different calibre.

This is professional racketeering by people suffering from the impoverished conditions that unfortunately befall the vast majority living in the Philippines, constantly alert for any way to make more money for themselves.
Morals don't seem to concern them.
Aware of the potential in the raw power of emotions - like an untapped natural resource - they resort to a type of suburban savagery, using modern technology to wreak their havoc - destroying lives in the process - as they consciously manipulate situations to be able to take advantage of people's sincere and deeply felt emotions - yes - people's love - for their own material gain.

I have found that they quite readily employ the concepts we regard as Holy, to try to endorse, add a sense of legitimacy to their evil endeavours - the name of God and His angels - swearing on The Almighty that the words they speak and write are the truth.

Revealing sociopathic behaviour, these pathological liars are utterly ruthless in their pursuit - with not a single care for the resulting devastation to their victims' lives - only the cold, single-minded intent of aquiring money.

Believe me when I tell you that evil is not too strong a word to describe them - masquerading behind the exquisite preciousness, the sacredness of love and the trust it naturally engenders - with their deceit, their cunning and their greed.

It is a lasting shame that the social and political conditions of the country contribute so much to cause this thriving underworld - and make it a breeding ground for racketeering - Tierra Mafia - although behaviour is always a matter of personal choice.

So many people have tried to explain all this away, tried to excuse it, by quoting cultural differences - but deceit, dishonesty, emotional manipulation are never acceptable - anywhere. It is true, the habit of scouring for financial hand-outs is hardwired into the psyche of many of these people. A certain contemptuous attitude (in many cases justified by the activities of "sex-tourism" but born on a tide of generalisation and lack of understanding) is commonly evident. This all contributes to make scamming seem acceptable to some of these people.

All the more reason for it to be eradicated - at its political roots.

Of course, I have a responsibility to bear in all of this - if it were not for people like me, this sort of behaviour, these activities could not possibly exist - my only defense is that I was totally genuine and honest in my pursuit of a loving relationship and marriage.

Love without trust is like a ship without water.
But the trust that developed in this case, as far as the girl was concerned, was for one sole purpose. As in all love affairs, a sense of trust is cultivated - here it was nutured and nourished, groomed by a fantasy lover, changing colour like a chameleon to obtain the maximum depth of feeling - merely so that it could ultimately be abused.

All requests for help from her have had four common denominators:

1) They were situations tailored to maximise the degree of emotionally conditioned response from me.
2) They all contained a large proportion of fiction.
3) They required that I send her some money.
4) The requests were never direct - but a clever (& in retrospect - blatantly obvious) squeezing process.

Here is a shortened version of the events that happened.
The full story, from A - Z with accompanying photographs, is available following on.
But just to ensure that you keep your eye on the ball - and don't lose sight of the wood (the obvious) for all the trees (the details) . . . here is a check list, simplified, uncluttered - and you will see that the profile exactly matches my story.

The year is 2007.

* April 14th. I join the DateInAsia site. Profile just completed, photograph still awaiting approval - "Curly Hair" contacts me. This is the start of the adventure. I discover her name is Mayen - she works for a real estate firm as a Property Consultant. She is very beautiful - and we appear to be hitting it off straight away. We return day after day to keep the flame burning.

* April 21st. Mayen writes ". . . but you know what, i do suggest tim that you will first visit in the phillipines and experience our culture . . . it would be an unforgetable experience you ever have . . . "

* April 27th. We arrange for me to visit in June - there is a Barrio Fiesta in her province and I will be able to meet her family.

This is our home for the first week and on our return from the province.

* June 18th. I fly to the Philippines - we meet - I have a wonderful, but expensive time. Mayen initiates our physical liason - and we live like lovers - continuing our plans for marriage, my emigration. I meet Sir Francis (her boss) - her work colleagues - and eventually, her family.

* June 29th. I fly back to the UK - I have a weeks work in Jersey before I arrive back home.

* July 8th. Chatting to Mayen - she requests I send her some money to help with her internet expenses - but the request transforms into money for a health check - suspected Dengue Fever. My suspicions are aroused - but my love is already too deep.

* July 13th. Mayen informs me that she is showing symptoms of being pregnant. I am scared, but delighted - but wondering if this is true - the situation is starting to show symptoms of being a classic "Honey Pot Trap."

* July 15th. I meet Sir Francis at the Barrio Fiesta in Hounslow UK. I suggest to Mayen that I give him an engagement ring to bring back for her. Mayen agrees, but insists that I do not tell him what the gift is.

* July 25th. Book another flight to the Philippines for 14th - 28th August.

* July 27th. Mayen supposed to return for another health check to confirm pregnancy - but she doesn't bother - she has already told me it was a false alarm.

* August 2nd. Receive another request and send more money - this time for new lodgings.

* August 8th. We have a long chat session - Mayen is visiting her sister in Quezon City.

* August 10th. Early in the morning I send an email to Mayen saying that I noticed her profile at DIA has just been hidden. 6.30 am - I receive a call from Mayen, moments after I log on to the Yahoo Messenger. She is in hospital - The Medical Center Paranaque - it transpires during the morning that she has to have an operation for an Ectopic Pregnancy. Would I send some money? I panic - completely ambivalent now - true or false. This is the perfect ruse for emotional extortion. I call Sir Francis who is there with Mayen - he has paid some deposits towards her hospitalisation. I speak to Mayen on her cellphone after the operation " . . . huhuhuh . . . no more babies . . . timmyboy . . . send the money . . ." I speak to my friend Jim on the phone - we are both convinced it is a scam - but are surprised at how many people are incriminated - it must be an organised crime setup.
I delete all Mayen's emails, block her email address, delete my profile at DIA, remove her from my Yahoo Messenger. The best thing to do is cut off all contact.

* August 11th. No sleep - what if it is true? This is absolute hell, I'm torn completely in half by love and doubt. I hear one word of a voice message on my phone - I can't handle hearing her voice. It's text, IM and email only from now on.

* August 12th. I establish contact again. Marivien, Mayen's work colleague and go between - has a chat session with me. Would I send 50,000 pesos via Western Union? I insist on dealing only directly with the hospital - besides I am due to arrive on the Wednesday (15th) - I need to know urgently what the hospital bill will be to assess if I can still afford the trip. I insist that they pass this on to the hospital.

* August 13th. A critical day - the last chance I have to draw the cash from the bank, get traveller's cheques if I decide to still fly.
Still no word from the hospital - at the last minute, I receive an email from the real estate office containing some figures.
The amount is verified by the hospital accounts dept. on the telephone.
I do decide to fly. Visit the bank, get traveller's cheques, visit the church for a blessing - I am scared stiff. Call in to see my friend Jim. I end up giving him my passport and traveller's cheques so that I cannot go - we both consider that it would be dangerous.

* August 14th. They think I'm somewhere in the air between UK and Manila - so I have a peaceful day.

* August 15th. Bang on the time my flight is landing the SMS and phone calls start. I do not reply. I'll keep them guessing for a while.

So to cut a very long, complicated story short - I decided to stay in the UK and face the virtually impossible task of finding out the truth - in some concrete way.

I tried to enlist help from all sorts of people, websites, government agencies, Embassies - with few exceptions the response was non existent - apart from my staunch friend Jim.
Here is a portion of the detailed email that I distributed - amongst those that didn't fail in delivery (all the government sites failed - they considered it as spam) - were the head of Tierra Maria Estates (highlighted) - but he has never, ever replied - and that stark silence only reinforced the impression that a conspiracy of silence was in place.

Together Jim and I set about forensically examining every little strand of information that we received - building up psychological patterns of the people we were dealing with 6,000 miles away. The burden of proof was theirs. Through their total incompetence - one way or the other - the result appeared an obvious scam - either incompetence in portraying the genuine truth to me - or incompetence in pulling off the scam without raising my suspicions. But still all we had was circumstantial. What we needed was unequivocal evidence.

I wrote a detailed journal of my visit to the Philippines to meet Mayen - it was an unforgetable experience.
What started out as a story of romance and hope takes a twisted turn - I decided to keep a record of everything as it unfolded - please read on if you care to share my feelings - day to day - as the whole episode unravelled - Journey Into My Heart.

I am aware that I am using this story to expose the particular people involved - but all that will eventually dissolve away into the Internet darkness.
However - the implications - for the Philippines, the people there - their relationship with the western world - and the questions raised for people like me - reach way beyond the boundaries of this journey - as recalled by just one person.
The main intention for revealing the intricate detail is to bring it to life - up close - for the reader to be awoken from their convenient slumber when confronted with these issues - and to learn a little of how it feels to be at the receiving end of a scam such as this - the confusion, bewilderment - the awful ambiguity, the torturous plagues of doubt and guilt - the devastation that it can bring - financially (well over £3,600.00 wasted - all under false pretences) physically and emotionally into a life - and to the other lives of those close by.
How disadvantage and stupidity is seized as a vulnerability - how love is used as a crowbar - to prize apart another life - to the advantage of those, seeking to gain - indiscriminately - through deceit and abuse of trust.
To be fair, in my eagerness to find a new beginning, in the blindness of my desire - I caused a great deal of pain myself - through my own deceit and abuse of trust - I am not pretending to be innocent - but simply recalling the events, as they happened.
God bless you all.

Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.


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Xtine said...

hi! this is a sad blog. i haven't read much of your story but this is quite disturbing. i was just Google-ing for particular words when i accidentally clicked on your article. yes, please be careful on scams by some interesting & beautiful ladies from my country. some families here are abusing this technology, employing their beautiful daughters or sons, to gain money from generous people in 1st world countries. they make it into a business, much like the Nigerian scams (sorry to mention this). good thing you were quite vigilant.

Tim Cumperhttp://www.bebo.com/Ellumbra

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