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29 - Stroke

Journey 28

My real opinion of Mayen after these discoveries can finally start to change. The gulf between the two alternative personalities is now so wide it cannot be bridged any longer. Good Mayen and bad Mayen are immiscible - they cannot co-exist.
The contrast is now clearly seen as the difference between heaven and hell - God and the devil - good and evil. To go to such lengths of deception - to weave such a web of fantasy with complete disregard for my feelings, my emotions - all for what? For her own gain, her own greed, avarice - call it what you will, she does it with such relish and enthusiasm - such consumate skill.
However, the perfect little world of Mayen, her scamming colleagues and Sir Francis is about to come crashing down.

Mayen I'm certain is convinced that I now believe her - after all, my reactions on webcam to the revelation were not acting - at the time I believed it - and that is how it would have stayed were it not for a handy little piece of software that allowed me to rewind and replay time.
So Mayen was probably going to go full speed ahead into whatever devious plan she had in mind. I would simply play along and wait until it revealed itself.

Friday September 28th

I had a good night sleep last night.. I feel peaceful and calm everytime ithink of you..
Thank you so much.Today, i tranfer to unit 329, and father is helping me.. I hope i can sleep tonight in the new unit..hehehe. my father will visit tomorrow in quezon city to my sister adelaide..He will stay there.
By monday, iwill start tohunt a new job, still real estate.. selling selling and selling properties.. i am now preparing myself for interviews ..I wish goodluck to myself..So how about you? how's rehearsals? tired? After our chat did you take rest? I hope so.. iTs important that you will have to rest so that you can think and work well..
Timmy timmy timmyboy, I hope and i pray for our relationship.. i hope there could be no more pains, but only joy and happiness between us.. i LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I want to be with you for always..Its true, God Knows how i feel for you.. and HE knows everything.
I hope you also loved me truly.. no pretentions no doubts.. just purely love..
I was thinking last night, when will we be together? Will it takes a long time? Are you working forour dreams? or u just waitwhen you will set free? time will tell.. they say.. there is time for everything.. i missed you so much, and i want to pinch your face.. hehehe
chat soon?sms me if you will be online okay...
still yours,

It would be fair to think that after such an email as that from Mayen, I would be riding on the crest of a wave. But my instincts were now sharpened - something was in the air.
I couldn't resist the temptation to send rather cryptic tauntings in my next email.
Oscar is my cat.

Sunday 30th September.

Hello to the most beautiful Mayen - mWaaaaaaaaah,
Nope - afraid I didn't get that much sleep - naughty boy that I am - I got sidetracked listening to some music - he he - I suppose I got about 4 hours in the end - but I managed to get through the day OK - as you can see, I'm still up.
My Sunday rehearsal has been moved to start at 4.o'clock - so I'll only be there for an hour before I have to pack up & drive somewhere else for another rehearsal in the evening.
Such is the life of an itinerant musician - "A wandering minstrel I . . . "
I really feel that God has sent me the answer to my prayers.
You are so irresistable, so mysteriously alluring - to every pore - every cell in me - you don't have to worry - please don't worry about timings - we can never see into the future - we should know that by now, for sure - my goodness who would have expected recent events to unfold like they have.
As new beginnings go - and for you - as you have said - this is the start of your second life - and my second chance - blessings to you for that - we are only a few days old - he he - just learning to crawl again.
I have to adjust myself to the renewed wonder of having you in my dreams, my plans - let's enjoy whatever we have to do - just start surrendering to that assured destiny again - surely we cannot argue that what we both feel is so compulsive? You have demonstrated such a generosity of spirit with your gift of forgiveness - as I said before - I am entirely yours - body, mind and soul.
I am resurecting all the explorations that I was making before - discovering the protocols involved - the logistics - of the emigration process - there are my divorce plans to finalise - I tried to talk to my brother in law the other night on the phone and he was so cold towards me - I am not welcome in that side of the family at all now - I can certainly sense that - so the sooner I can get out of this prison the better - for all concerned.
Don't be concerned about the roof either - that's just about all we do share these days.
It's not a particularly good time of year to be selling property, we are still with the estate agent - but we are at the mercy of potential buyers - but listen, dear, sweet Mayen - it will all happen - it gets more and more urgent each time I see you, or chat to you, or get an email or SMS from you - I just feel straight down to the bottom of my heart - that wide open, joyful space that is our playground - in our definite future.
You have a lot of other newness to get used to as well - your new address - 329 - he he - a new job soon for you to shine at - we are both going to be quite busy.
I know I will always have the time to write - we are very close - we have such a bond of shared experience - on top of the love we have always felt - things are strong between us - fear not - young lady - fear not.
In a sense it is just about as much as I can safely handle - emails and chats - as soon as we speak on the phone or I see you on webcam - my desire is so close to becoming overwhelming - at times it gives me a kind of sickness - a feeling of helplessness in my stomach - yah - lovesickness - he he - and I need a doctor urgently - a remedy - a prescription - a plane ticket - a decree of divorce - and then a marriage licence - mWaaaaaaaah - to join my most beautiful bride.
Have you still got the picture of Oscar?
He's just come in - sniffing around the carrier bag again.
He's such a handsome fellow - you've noticed haven't you - how cute he is - he he.
Usually his breed are spotted - it is the Bengal breed - his particular colouring is known as marbled - but Oscar has got spots on his soft, furry tummy - he he. Can you imagine what he feels like to stroke? Such soft fur - he he.
I remember you telling me about Ruffa - he he, your little pet dog.
I can't wait to maybe see you again on webcam - or maybe just for a normal chat Tuesday morning - the webcam's up to you - he he. I shall be here - waiting for my beloved.
Thank you for returning - life was so, so empty without you - it wasn't that long really when we were out of contact - but the crater it left seemed enormous.
Big, king sized mWaaaaaaaaaaah to you - please don't mention lips - if I think of yours . . .
I can never forget you - in every way I remember you as being supremely gorgeous.
Hope we keep our date Tuesday - I'll be here.
God bless you and keep you safe and healthy - I pray for you to heal rapidly and surely.
Take care until next time.
I love you so very much - please take my heart into your care.

We didn't have to wait long before we started to detect the early signs of the next squeeze for money. However, I couldn't shake the impression that perhaps Mayen was introducing cryptic remarks of her own - the man who turned into a dog . . .

Sunday 30th September

hi timmyboy,
i have a lazy sunday.. its raining in here and its cold.. the typhoon is affecting
the whole metro manila..i stayed in the room all day..and watch dvd.. i have seen the movie shaggy dog, hehehe the man turns into a dog.. because if some genetic mutations.. poor dog..
My friend also is visiting me her name is ate TER.. she's an old friend of mine and my neighbor before in my sister's place.. we have talked and talked and talked all about my stay in province.. i mentioned also about us.. that we are now giving each other a chance to make a brand new start.. she told me, what ever my decisions, she will support.. she's praying for us..
Tomorrow is my start to hunt job.. i hope i'll be lucky.. i will go to Alabang to pas my resume and also for some interviews.. A new beginning, a new challenge.. wish me luck Timothy..My father also will go back to province as soon as possible..because of some important reasons..
yah i still have oscar's picture.. hes cute fellow..he inherit your cuteness.. hehehe
by the way hope we can chat tuesday and be ready for the big brother again.. hehehe.. miss you so and i cant wait to talk to you..hope you have a nice day ahead and please dont forget me.. i love you so much..mwwwaaahhhhhh.

Hmmm - I wonder what important reasons those could be?
So important that he couldn't possibly tell Mayen about them.
I challenged her on this point in my next email.

Monday 1st October.
Oh, Oh, Oh, - how lovely to read your mail - I've not long been home after my busy day - I have some mango to look forward to in the fridge, he he - and I discover your email - a perfect end to a good day.
First thing to say darling - the very best of fortune with your job hunting - starting tomorrow eh? God be with you in your search - I'm positive something really suitable will come your way really soon.
Hey - what's this about your father having to go all the way back to the province?
Surely you must know what that's about - it must be something very urgent for him to cut short his trip to see Adelaide - I'm sure he was looking forward to meeting them all.
I do hope everything is OK?
So you have met up again with ate Ter? he he - was she a neighbour of Adelaide or a neighbour of Christy?
What is Ter an abreviation for? Teresina? Theresa? - no idea - please let me know.
Does she live in Manila now?
Is she married? Has she a family?
So how is it in room no 329? Better than your old room? he he - no more floods I hope - if they haven't repaired your old room yet, it's a jolly good job you were able to move to another - if your having typhoons still - that would have been awful for you.
Yah - I'm certainly looking forward to our chat - Tuesday morning - I will definitely be here.
This afternoon was very enjoyable - I was playing with the BBC Light Orchestra - they had a kind of reunion rehearsal - running through some of the music that they used to play on the radio - when the orchestra was still in existence - it has been disbanded for a few years now - but they all meet up regularly to keep playing - I was playing the harp parts - he he - yah - like the angel I am - on a keyboard - I don't actually play the harp.
To say I miss you so much would be a complete understatement - I don't know my sweetheart - we have been through so much in our short relationship - it sometimes feels like I have known you for ever - you feel so much a part of my life now - I never want to imagine my life without you
I really do adore you - I wish that things could be simpler - like you living just around the corner - then we would already being enjoying the fruits of paradise.
I could take you out for dinner in the evenings - we could have so much fun.
We could go and see movies together - shows -concerts - the Opera - he he - I remember you saying you wanted to see Opera one day.
Well - we will - together my beautiful gUrl - we will.
I had another fantastic dream about you last night - we were swimming together again - we swam all the way out to a large rock off the shore - your nanay and tatay were standing on the shore when we looked around - waving at us both - and blowing kisses - I felt as if they were wishing us the best of luck together.
No idea what dreams really mean - but I know I could have stayed in that dream - with you - for a lot, lot longer - huhuhuhuh had to wake up - go to work - huhuhuhuh.
But they do act upon my heart - dreams like that - when I do get up I just remember the dream - tasting the sensation - trying to stay with the memory of it for as long as possible - and I just feel all the love I have for you in my heart - how it will be - I know - when we are together.
Every day - a beautiful day - typhoon or sunshine - he he.
So - my buko baby - it's getting late now - I'd better go and get my rest.
I so hope we meet online Tuesday - to see you again - in your world over there - he he - strange isn't it?
Yet we have that bond between us - I never forget that - you are my true love - we have lived and shared our love - it is real - not a fantasy - it actually is real - and I am the luckiest man alive.
God bless you and keep you safe - healthy - and heal all your wounds - inside and out.
Mwaaaaaaaaah mWaaaaaaaaaah mWaaaaaaaaaaaah
Until soon my darling, my beloved - most beautiful Mayen - you are so wonderful - I still melt inside at the thought of being next to you again.
Chat really soon - he he.
All my love to you - mahal kita Ma. Ana Samson Betita.

Still keeping me in suspense with her reply, also exposing a strategy of preparation which we seem to have seen before - the first request for money - a health check for suspected Dengue Fever & the mention of a few symptoms which will later be used in connection with a suspected pregnancy. Slowly, slowly - catchy monkey. It is perfectly clear that had this recent event been true, Mayen's father would have shared the bad news immediately - instead, Mayen's invented scenario drip-feeds the suspense - a strategy designed to heighten my concern and optimise my eventual response.

We have heard admissions from Mayen (on the video interview with Noemi Dado - coming later) that she had "asked" for money on my return to the UK - however, these "asks" were never direct & specific requests for money - & took the form of hints about a situation - expecting and anticipating my positive response, exactly as is happening here.
However - Mayen's own admission that this is "asking" for money - proves that it is being done consciously - revealing a deliberate method.

Monday 1st October

Dearest timmyboy,
What a tired monday! oh its really terrible because the weather is not good.. its raining too heavy in here because of typhoon coming again..
Early in the morning i went out, then i went to alabang for interview, but this day was not so lucky..I have to wait for the manager to conduct the interview and until lunch i keep on waiting.. huhuhu.. Then her secretary told me to go back tomorrow because they are too busy and they cant accomodate me, i was really upset and not only me but also the other applicants.
So i decided to pass my resume to other company. its really so hard.. unlucky day.
As i decided to go home, i passed by a mall and there are benches outside. i sat there waiting for the rain to stop.and i enjoy watching the beautiful trees and the birds playing and flying under its branches.. they were singing and i know they enjoy the rain.. hehehehe.. i never noticed the time.. i appreciate what i saw.. and my disappointment to the manager
was gone.. hehehe. After that i went home and i decided to go back tomorrow..
Yah my father is now in Leyte he fly via Surigao.. it was really urgent..Ate TER is a short from TERESITA or in english THERESA, she is the nieghbor of sister adelaide..she's 37 years old and still single.. and still she never meet her prince charming.. hehehe she is working also in MANILA.. as a supervisor in a company..
About my room, they say, there is no place as perfect as heaven.. hehehe. yah i like the room because its newly painted wall and ceilings.. it is newly renovated, no flood hehehe and its clean.. but the one thing im not comfortable is the noise in the squatter's area outside the perimeter wall.. and the trycycles passing, BRROOM BROOMM, BROOM
really very annoying, i have no choice but to live with in this unit.. huhuhu.
i miss you always and you are all im thinking everyday..if only you were here near to me,
i dont have to ask for more..but to stay close to you always..i love you so much, i really do.. WHEN WILL YOU MARRY ME. hehehe.. Oh timmyboy.. what i will do to minimize this feeling of emptiness because of your absence.. huhuhuhu. As i read your email today, yah you got my point, i like these things you mention especially to see an opera, i never see that eversince, huhuhuh poor MAYEN...but someday we will see hah.. PROMISE ME..
dARLING, I THINK tomorrow tuesday morning as you read this e-mail, we cant chat, because i have to go back to alabang..im desperately want to be interviewed so that i can start to work as soon as possible.. i really need it.. and maybe, after the interview, we can talk.. i have to find way to chat you okay.. i will sms you if i will be online tomorrow afternoon or night.. i hope you understand.. i miss you so and i love you..mwaaahhh...
mwwaaahhh...can you wait for me after the interview?please.. please.. wait for me timmyboy
have to go now, i need to rest early.. to prepare myself for tomorrow..
hope you have a nice day ahead and not as annoying as mine... hehehe
mmwwwaaahhh...love you and please dont forget me.. please..

Now part of the strategy of a scammer is to take their victims by surprise or present a new confrontation at a time when they might be tired. So despite our arranged chat sometime on the Tuesday - I am taken by surprise when Mayen comes online really early in the morning for a chat - we switch the webcams on.

Tuesday 2nd October approximately 3 or 4 am

mayen: timmy
mayen: where are you
tim: I'll go and see where I am he he
tim: I'm here
tim: mWaaaaaaaaaah
tim: how are you?
mayen: im fine
mayen: you?
tim: yah - fine thank you - when do you go for your appointment?
mayen: no maybe tomorrow
tim: not today?
mayen: its cloudy
mayen: not today
tim: huh? You put off by clouds? he he
mayen: hehehe
mayen: yah
tim: just finished and sent you an email
mayen: yah
mayen: i read it
mayen: have you got my sms
tim: mWaaaaaaaah
mayen: mwwaahhh
tim: no sms
mayen: i used the old number
tim: to send it?
mayen: because the new numbwer no lod
mayen: yah
tim: my numbers the same though
tim: aha
mayen: i dont know
mayen: hehehe
time: not got it yet - still in the air
tim: are you tired?
mayen: my sdister texted me
mayen: no im just worried
tim: aha - which one?
mayen: joan
tim: aha - where we stayed?
mayen: yah
tim: why are you worried?
tim: what does she say?
mayen: no never mind
tim: tell me please?
mayen: nothing
mayen: just nothing
tim: to do with why your father had to return?
mayen: nothing
tim: you are keeping something from me - your secret?
tim: I can tell
mayen: no not secret its just about my family
mayen: not you nor me
mayen: okay
tim: yah - ok private for you - I won't ask again
tim: ok
tim: I keep quiet about it
mayen: do i have to tell you
tim: mWaaaaaaaaah - but don't worry - things are often worse when we think about them than when we get to sort them out
mayen: yah
tim: it is up to you my darling - i am not being nosey
mayen: nosey?
tim: poking my nose in to other people's business
mayen: huhuuhuuuhuh
tim: you are tired
mayen: no im just thinking
tim: you keep yawning
tim: nosleep?
mayen: worried
tim: hmmmm
mayen: yah no sleep
tim: becuase you worry?
mayen: if only you know
mayen: yah
mayen: im worreid
tim: well I can't guess
mayen: but its oaky
tim: well then - don't worry
tim: or share your troubles
mayen: cant avoid
tim: a trouble shared is a trouble halved
mayen: hehehe
mayen: yah
time: yah
mayen: okay
mayen: mother was stroked
mayen: yah
tim: your mum has had a stroke?
mayen: thats why father went to province
mayen: yah
tim: oh my goodness
tim: that is dreadful
mayen: it happened last thursday
mayen: yah
tim: when did that happen?
tim: Thursday
mayen: yah
tim: oh my goodness
mayen: yah
tim: poor Susana
mayen: yah high blood
tim: is she in the local hospital in Pintuyan?
mayen: yah and today she will be going to other hospital
tim: she has actually had a stroke?
mayen: to Sogod
tim: aha
mayen: no first time
tim: oh my goodness - I will say my prayers for her
tim: was it a serious stroke or a minor one?
mayen: mild but im afraid because untill now
mayen: her blood pressure is too high
tim: it is a very common problem over there - I read - don't understand why though
mayen: yah
mayen: yah
tim: any idea why it is common?
mayen: poor eating habit
mayen: i think
tim: that is strange - I thought your diet was very good - all the fresh fruit and fish etc & rice
tim: doesn't add up to just diet
mayen: yah
mayen: but she loves meat
mayen: i told her before
mayen: to minimize eating pork
mayen: but she wont listen
tim: but probably doesn't eat anywhere near the amount we eat over here of meat
mayen: i dont know
tim: is it the fatty food that is bad?
mayen: yah
mayen: too much
mayen: fat
tim: aha
tim: I am sorry to hear that news darling - really sad
mayen: yah
tim: you will speak with her soon?
mayen: she can hardly speak
mayen: he cant move her body
tim: oh dear - that sounds like a bad stroke - not a mild one
mayen: dont know
mayen: im scared
mayen: really
time: yah - not so good - poor Mayen - so worried
tim: huhuhuhuhuh
mayen: yah
mayen: but i have to be strong
time: I wish I was with you to comfort and help you
tim: huhuhuhuhuh
mayen: yah
tim: my darling gUrl
mayen: really terrible
tim: I wish Iwas there
mayen: ya
mayen: but you are there
mayen: its okay
tim: yah - life is so tough - I have never felt all this before
tim: I've had it easy
tim: arrrrrrrgh
mayen: yah thats why dont eat too much fat
tim: well - please keep me informed - please - regularly
[Notice Mayen said that it happened "last Thursday" - well on the Friday in her email to me she wrote " . . . my father will visit tomorrow in quezon city to my sister adelaide..He will stay there. . . " So, his wife had suffered a stroke on Thursday, yet he sticks to his plan to visit Adelaide on the Saturday & doesn't return to the province until Monday? They don't seem to have much luck with hospital visits in that family, do they?]
mayen: i think i have to go back to province
tim: why is that darling? please tell me everything
mayen: i have to come home
mayen: mother is seriously ill
tim: what is going on? please share with me sweetheart - you are looking distressed
tim: please tell me darling?
mayen: no its okay
tim: I cannot force you to tell me
tim: but you are very worried aboout your nanay?
tim: yah?
mayen: yah
mayen: she dont want to go to other hospital
mayen: she told she was tired
mayen: too tired
mayen: and ask for priest
tim: can they not get ambulance? how far away is the other hospital?
tim: darling?
tim: is it very long way?
mayen: its 3 municipalities
mayen: next to wawa briged
tim: on Panaon?
mayen: rememeber
tim: aha
tim: yah
tim: on Southern Leyte?
mayen: sosog
mayen: sogod
tim: yah
mayen: im afraid
mayen: scared
tim: no ambulanve? to take her there?She is in good hands yah?
tim: be strong sweetheart please
mayen: there is ambulance
mayen: we conviced mother that we will take her to sogod
tim: yah
mayen: she dont want
mayen: she's tired
tim: maybe she will change her mind
tim: they should get her there
mayen: yah
tim: but the doctors will know if she is well enough to travel
mayen: dont know
tim: they will do their best for her
mayen: dont know
tim: yah - they will do their best
mayen: im so sad
mayen: you know
time: oh darling - I feel for you - I feel your sadness
tim: you need to go and be with her
tim: so go
tim: you know you must
mayen: yah.
mayen: but there is typhoon
mayen: i have to go by buss again
tim: there or in province?
mayen: here in manila
tim: no planes?
mayen: i there is
mayen: there are planes
mayen: what?
mayen: you are lookign at
tim: I'm just wondering what you are going to decide
mayen: i just have to wait for go signal
tim: what is that?
mayen: they told me to go home
tim: well what signal you wait for?
mayen: but ofcourse i have to see the weather
mayen: the weather
mayen: of course
tim: why is that important?
tim: the weather?
tim: no busses?
mayen: if will get stranded in the bus
mayen: coz of typhoon
mayen: so i have to wait
time: well - you won't be alone - on the bus
tim: why don't you fly?
tim: it's quicker
mayen: its expensive.. hehehe
tim: yah
mayen: yah i know if only i can
tim: how much more?
tim: how much is the bus?
mayen: 2000 pesos is the bus
mayen: affordable
tim: and the plane was about 8,000 yah
mayen: better go by bus
mayen: i dont know maybe
tim: I seem to remember
tim: can't remember exactly
mayen: i forgot
tim: I will look it up
mayen: useless
mayen: no thank you
tim: what is useless?
mayen: what you will look up
tim: why?
tim: useless?
mayen: what?
mayen: i cant understand
tim: why is it useless to look it up?
mayen: you will ,look for the plane?
tim: yah to see the fare
mayen: useless coz still i wont go by plane
mayen: only by bus i think
tim: that takes a long time
mayen: yah it will take long time but i have no choice timothy
mayen: i only have budget for bus
mayen: do you understand?
tim: I know, I know, I know
tim: yah I understand
tim: well - remember there is the money at the WU?
mayen: no i told you never send any money
tim: I will see if they have information on that - I can phone them up in a few hours time
tim: but it has already been sent
mayen: no.. this is my problem
mayen: i wont give you things that you will be doubdtfull
mayen: we promise
mayen: and i will keep that promise
tim: well - I know - but nobody expected this situation
tim: I cannot force you sweetheart - I cannot force you
mayen: yah.. maybe fate is not on my side timothy
time: no - don't think like that
mayen: yah.. why its happening all of this to me
tim: it will all work out
mayen: hope so
tim: it is one of those key areas in your life - and it is happening now
mayen: too much trouble
mayen: im so sorry about it
tim: yah
tim: don't apologise please - you are not to blame
tim: it's nobody's fault - things happen
mayen: yah..
tim: do not blame yourself
tim: at all
time: please
tim: remember - it is your wish to be with your nanay
tim: I'm sure she is in safe hands
tim: and most of her family are there
tim: yah?
tim: It is your wish to be there as well
tim: they are not demanding that you be there?
mayen: my brother is sending me sms
tim: yah
mayen: to be there
tim: aha
mayen: as soon as possible
tim: aha
mayen: dont know
mayen: darling why its happening
tim: well - an unanswerable question
mayen: yah
tim: accept - don't ask that question
time: no one can answer it
tim: accept
mayen: yah
mayen: i will
mayen: timyboy
tim: surrender to destiny
mayen: i change my mind
tim: do not fight it
tim: Mayen gUrl
mayen: okay you follow up the western unouin
mayen: i need it
mayen: please
mayen: and please dont hing bad against me
tim: it will be the quickest way - I can't send anything fresh cos it takes 36 hours
tim: to getb there
tim: I won't think bad against you darling - I told you I will always love you no matter what happens - always
tim: no matter what
tim: remember that
mayen: salamt po
mayen: timmyboy
time: I will always want to be with you and be happy with you in this life
tim: yah
mayen: can you fone the WU
mayen: thank you im so sad
mayen: really sad
tim: I have to wait maybe 3 hours - not open yet it's only 6:25 over here
mayen: aha
tim: don't be sad
mayen: im almost crying
mayen: wait
tim: yah I can see -
mayen: thank you
mayen: for being here
mayen: please dont turn away
tim: So why don't you get some reat maybe - try to relax - I am here
tim: I won't turn away from you
mayen: salamt po
tim: rest - typo
tim: what do you think/ eh?
mayen: okay..
tim: you go for some lunch - unwind - there is nothing I can do just yet
tim: we chat later - I will SMS you ok - you have load? Phone switched on?
mayen: you fone the Wu please
tim: yah - I will as soon as they are open
mayen: yah i will be back later within 2 hours
tim: wait till I SMS you - they will not be open then
tim: at least 3 hours time
mayen: okay..
tim: its up to you my darling
tim: up to you
mayen: do yoy think it can be released?
tim: go and have a coffee
tim: it is still there
mayen: yah i will go and fone back to province
tim: OK
mayen: i love you
tim: take lots of deep breaths
mayen: please dont turn away
tim: calm you down - get centered
tim: mWaaaaaaaaaaaah
tim: I love you my darling
mayen: thank you so much
mayen: mwwwaaahhhhhh
mayen: sms me
mayen: okay
tim: OK walang anuman - thank you
tim: thank you
mayen: haver to go now
tim: for everything you have done
mayen: mwwwahhhhhhh
tim: mWaaaaaaaaaaah
tim: answered my prayers
mayen: bye
mayen: love you
tim: till later yah?
mayen: yah
tim: take care God bless you
mayen: i'll be back
tim: mWaaaaaaaaah i will always love you
mayen: take rest also
mayen: bye

We sign off at 6:33 am

Oh my goodness - I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.
I can see now just how much cunning was being used - harking on about me not turning away - banking on the fact that I'd be determined to make up for the previous time - the hospital business.
I can hardly believe it - I send Jim an email to get in touch as soon as possible.
I don't go to bed - my mind is swirling around. What am I going to do to deal with this situation?
Jim phones nice and early - he too is amazed at how soon Mayen has moved in for the kill - convinced as she now is that I believe her implicitly about the scar.

I get an SMS from Mayen just before 8:00 am:

darling im online now. where r u?
i cnt be alone huhuhu, i dnt knw.
wil u pls join me now. im waiting .. luv u

I go online to join Mayen for another webcam chat.

tim (8:12:39 AM): I'm here
tim: hello again mwaaaaaaah
mayen: hi
mayen: sorry for disturbing you
tim: I was in bed - he he - bleep bleep
mayen: really?
tim: what have you been doing?
tim: yah -zzzzzzzzzz
mayen: nothing.. im trying to sleep but i cant
tim: wrong time for you during the day
mayen: im thinking province
mayen: im botherd
tim: yah - of course you are sweetheart
tim: well - don't worry - worrying achieves nothing - except stress for you
mayen: yah
mayen: your right
bmayen: thats why i decided to be back
mayen: in here
tim: I see you
mayen: yah..
mayen (9:04:56 AM): have you find the main office number of WU?
tim: hang on I'll phone them up it's 9 now - should be open . . . can you hold on?
mayen: okay

[I make a phone call . . .]

tim: right - I have to go to the local office - take some ID and they will give me the number - they are not prepared to do it over the phone for me
tim: I can be there in twnty minutes
mayen: aha
mayen: salamt po
tim: I have to go soon then huhuhuhuh
tim: walang anuman
mayen: aha
mayen: you will go back?
tim: to town then I come back here
tim: yah
mayen: is it okay for you?

At that point - rather than having to face what I thought would have been a final goodbye - my computer froze - locked up solid.

Mayen sends me an SMS:

SMS from Mayen 19:04 02/10/07
timmyboy, whr r u? wht happen 2 ur computer?
u sms me in ds number.. hope ur okay. i love u so.

I rebooted the computer but sent Mayen an SMS telling her what had happened - that I would be going to town, to the WU office and I'd get back online when I returned home.

The phone call I made to the "WU Head Office" while still on webcam to Mayen was me phoning Jim - he was having a bath.
I did a pantomime of searching for the phone number, getting out documents to read to him over the phone, I posed with my passport in front of the camera as I read out to Jim my passport number. I had to ask Jim not to make me laugh at one point as I was still on camera - and he kept saying things like " . . . and bring a utility bill - and a large piece of cheese." "What's the cheese for?" I asked him over the phone, listening to him sloshing about in the bath "So that we can trap these rats that you've been having trouble with . . . " he chortled.

So - after the chat session - Jim and I had another long phone conversation - discussing the next strategy.
A couple of hours later I sent Mayen an SMS.

"Hi sweetheart, still in town, sorry it's taking so long - they have to go through a refund process for me - it's after 45 days, but I have discovered that they can send express. My friend has loaned me the money - will collect this PM - send to you this PM - you can collect Weds AM, no hold. Mwaaah. Will write later. timmyboy"

Mayen responded with two SMS:

SMS from Mayen 19:31 02/10/07
ok, thank u so much. its black out in here
and raining too hard. its coldhuhu. wana
hug u.be safe darling. and take rest also. mwaahh.

SMS from Mayen 19:34 02/10/07
i will sleep early tonite coz of typhoon huhuhu
so lonely timmyboy.mwaah. gudnite i wil dream of u..
luv u so timothy. mwaah.

Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.

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